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Soulja's Story
[Tupac Talking]They cuttin off welfareThink they crime is risin' nowYou got whites killin blacksCops
Artist: 2pac / 
Something Wicked
Something wicked this way comeSomething wicked this way comeSomething wicked this way comeSomething
Artist: 2pac / 
Hold Ya Head
My homeboys in Clinton And Rikers IslandMumia Atumie, Gerino Pratt,All the political PrisonersSan Qu
Artist: 2pac / 
Just Like Daddy
Spoken: Outlaw In ThisNo doubt,Death Row, MakaveliYou can call me daddyI'll be ya daddyJUST LIKE DAD
Artist: 2pac / 
[This Week in Bible Prophecy]God has a plan -- and the bible unfolds that wonderful planthrough the
Artist: 2pac / 
Against All Odds
Intro:One love... one love... one thugOne nation... twenty-one gun saluteChorus:I'm hopin my true mo
Artist: 2pac / 
White Man's World
I ain't saying I'm innocent of all thisI'm just sayingThis song is for y'allFor all the times I mess
Artist: 2pac / 
Life Of An Outlaw
In the life we live as thugs,Everbody fuckin wit us so can't you seeIt's hard to be a man.Ridin wit
Artist: 2pac / 
Guess Who's Back
Drop the drums here it comesOnly got two minutes to bounce, and every second countsBetter press, wre
Artist: 2pac / 
Major! Hell motherfuckin yeahThis one goes out to my nigga Mike Coolin, hell yeahMama raised a hellr
Artist: 2pac / 

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