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Locked Up
Im steady tryna find a motive, Why do what i do?, Freedom aint gettin no closer, No matter how far i
Artist: Akon / 
dont let up
"Don't Let Up"!(Dont Let it Get To You, No Baby)Girl I Know you're fed up but things gonna get a lot
Artist: Akon / 
Akon, show out (show out), show out (show out)I'm sure that the streets are watching meRather not ru
Artist: Akon / 
Lonely I'm Mr. lonely,I have nobody,For my owwnnnI'm so lonely, I'm Mr. LonelyI have nobody, For my
Artist: Akon / 
Mr. Lonely
Lonely I'm mr. LonelyI have nobody,For my ownI'm so lonely, I'm mr. LonelyI have nobody, For my ownI
Artist: Akon / 
When the time's right
Yeah, what up, I go by the name of Divine, I got my boy Akon in the back But before I bring him out,
Artist: Akon / 
Anyone in the place tonight you don't wanna be a witness then walk away (Akon!!!) Cause I'm a soldie
Artist: Akon / 
ghetto music
Ghetto, Ghetto, Ghetto, Ghetto we livin[verse one]These streets remind me of quicksand (quicksand) W
Artist: Akon / 
Easy road
Akon-Easy RoadI won?t (4X)Cause I came too farVERSE 1:Tryin to know what?s going onEchoes on my cell
Artist: Akon / 
Hey ladies drop it downJust want to see you touch the groundDon't be shy girl go BanazaShake ya body
Artist: Akon / 

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