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Castles In The Air
Castles In The Air Song Tekst:Here my head up in the cloudsI feel I'm spinnin' aroundDreams will com
Artist: B*witched / 
"oh i cant believe im doin this oh I cant believe im doin this ahhhhhhh!"Today's the day, we're out
Artist: B*witched / 
C'est La Vie
Ah Ohh Hey HeyAh ohhAh ohhI said hey boy sittin' in your treeMummy always wants you to come for teaD
Artist: B*witched / 
Blame It On The Weatherman
ooh, it's just one more dayno one said there would be rain againwon't blame it on myself, yeahI'll b
Artist: B*witched / 
To You I Belong
Rain fell down,you were thereI cried for you when i hurt my handStrom a-rushing inwind was howlingI
Artist: B*witched / 
Oh Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, hey Mickey, hey Mickeyrepeat x4)Hey Micke
Artist: B*witched / 
I Shall Be There
Awaken, breatheHear the calling in the windThe voice, it's sayingA journey must beginWe'll fly like
Artist: B*witched / 
Jesse Hold On
OhhSitting on a crowded trainI feel good, I feel good, I feel good oh yeahWishing all the time away'
Artist: B*witched / 
Like The Rose
Every little word,With every lesson learnt,I think I know why hearts are made of stone,Every little
Artist: B*witched / 
Hold On
Hold on (x7)You've always been a tough girl,But you feel you're about to break.You're feeling stuck,
Artist: B*witched / 

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