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I hold you closely, you push me away, I want forever, you just want today. Give me your fingers, was
Artist: Baby Bird / 
Candy Girl
Are you the tornado in my sails? Are you Jesus without the nails? Are you the Bury Met without rails
Artist: Baby Bird / 
Jesus Is My Girlfriend
Look at my hands, they're all over you. My rusty nails stuck to you like glue. My arms around you li
Artist: Baby Bird / 
I Didn't Want To Wake You Up
"This is a sweet song she wrote for me the day I died spiritually" The other night I saw you lying t
Artist: Baby Bird / 
Dead Bird Sings
Take me in your arms again. Wash me in your eyes. Tie me to the house again. Love me 'til love dies.
Artist: Baby Bird / 
Atomic Soda
Sha la la la la la la la la la, Sha la la la la la la la la la, Sha la la la la la la la la la, Sha
Artist: Baby Bird / 
You're Gorgeous
Y. O. U. R. E. G. O. R. G. E. O. U. S. Remember that tank top you bought me. You wrote 'You're Gorge
Artist: Baby Bird / 
Bad Shave
It's time to come down form your spire, Jesus come back you're a liar. I covered the church in fish
Artist: Baby Bird / 
What is this beautiful thing we've found? It's so shiny, bright and round. So I went into town and b
Artist: Baby Bird / 
King Bing
Oh you ugly beautiful thing Oh you, oh you, oh you. You ugly beautiful thing I'm in between your hea
Artist: Baby Bird / 

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