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All Systems Go
â?¢ All Systems GoI left my fear behind meOf those lights out by the stationThe government is lyin
Artist: Box Car Racer / 
Cat Like Thief
â?¢ Cat Like ThiefI fell down a gutterBut I cant complainAnother false stepCould drive me insaneAl
Artist: Box Car Racer / 
I Feel So
â?¢ I Feel SoSometimesI wish I was braveI wish I was strongerI wish I could feel no painI wish I w
Artist: Box Car Racer / 
Letters To God
Caught off guard All worked up The air is as dark and cold as night Let me go I'm not done I swear I
Artist: Box Car Racer / 
There is
this vacation's uselesthese white pills aren't kindi've givin' a lot of thaughts to on this 13-houre
Artist: Box Car Racer / 
Watch The World
Watch The WorldI watched the smoke as it grew darkerAnd blew up through the roofI watched the fad wh
Artist: Box Car Racer / 
ELEVATOR - (2:44)The building turned it's back ignored my callthe concrete looks too thin to break m
Artist: Box Car Racer / 
The End With You
THE END WITH YOU - (3:10)(What you say?!)Our days are running thinour hopes will start to fallI can
Artist: Box Car Racer / 
My First Punk Song
MY FIRST PUNK SONG - (1:04)It's 24 to nothing and I'm at the intersectionwaiting for the light that'
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