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I will learn to love again
(To love again...5x)Drowning in tearsThat wont be meI will soon be free from all these chains of all
Artist: Kaci Brown / 
I'm Not Anybody's Girl
Leaving everything at homeI headed out in the pouring rainKept thinkin' bout the two of usand how we
Artist: Kaci Brown / 
Just An Old Boyfriend
"Just An Old Boyfriend"I see you on the streetMy broken heart still skips a beatI hear your name ins
Artist: Kaci Brown / 
Butterflies Don't Lie
You walk by and my heart beatsA thousand times at once it seemsAnd every time you look at meI have t
Artist: Kaci Brown / 
Like 'em like that
Boys all these boys only boysGot nothing but boys on my mindAsian Hispanic Caucasian and BlackSo man
Artist: Kaci Brown / 
make you love me
Can't walk down the streetCan't sit in the rainCan't close my eyes without thinking of youCan't smel
Artist: Kaci Brown / 
body language
don't speak Portuguese - Chinese - Vietnamese - Arabian - BulgarianItalian - French - or GermanBut
Artist: Kaci Brown / 
My Baby
Lights are turn down way down lowGet on the floor now here we goMove a little closer rock my bodyFee
Artist: Kaci Brown /