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Say You'll Stay
Tonight, we're all alone tonightThere's never been a momentThat trembled like tonightI read your eye
Artist: Kai / 
Asian Girl
Being with you makes me believeThe sun will always shineAnd I'm glad that I'm with you girl,And that
Artist: Kai / 
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Twinkle twinkle little star,How I wonder what you are,Up above the world so high,Like a diamond in t
Artist: Kai / 
I'm Here
Without any words, I can tell that you're hurtI can see it in your eyesTake hold of my hand, yes I'l
Artist: Kai / 
Be Gone
Baby Girl, I can't believe you lied to meIt truly wasn't meant to beIt's time to throw away the keyI
Artist: Kai / 
I Wanna Be Your Man
It's a quarter passed threeAnd Baby you're still not hereWe've got a lot of things to talk aboutWe g
Artist: Kai / 
I Got A Thing For You
Seeing you it drives me crazyAnd being next to you, can you tell meHow you got my mind all hooked on
Artist: Kai / 
A Million More
What do I gotta do to prove my love BabyWhat can I do, how can I proveThat I'm serious about this lo
Artist: Kai / 
It Might Be You
Time...I've been passing time watching trains go byAll of my lifeLying on the sand watching sea bird
Artist: Kai / 
Maybe It's Better This Way
Sitting aloneWondering where the time has goneWe promised forever that we'd be togetherBut our love
Artist: Kai / 

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