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anti choice anti girl I am the anti-flag unfurled anti white and anti law I got the anti-future
Artist: Marilyn Manson / 
A place in the dirt
We are damned, we are dead All God's children to be sent Into our perfect place, in the sun In the d
Artist: Marilyn Manson / 
Angel with the scabbed wings
he is the angel with the scabbed wings hard-drug face, want to powder his nose he will deflower th
Artist: Marilyn Manson / 
Antichrist superstar
you built me up with your wishing hell I didn't have to sell you you threw your money in the pissi
Artist: Marilyn Manson / 
Born again
Do you don't ya want this to be your song It doesn't take a rebel(?) to sing along The son is weak i
Artist: Marilyn Manson / 
Burning flag
They wanna sell it, buy it up, dumb it down Good God is hard to find But you're the crowd that wants
Artist: Marilyn Manson / 
Cake and sodomy
I am the god of fuck, i am the god of fuck virgins sold in quantity, herded by heredity red-neck-b
Artist: Marilyn Manson / 
Coma black
My mouth was a crib And it was growing lies I didn't know what love was on that day Her hearts a tin
Artist: Marilyn Manson / 
Coma white
Something is cold and blank behind her smile She's standing on an overpass In her miracle mile (c
Artist: Marilyn Manson / 
Count to six and die
She's got here eyes open wide She's got the dotten spit of the world Her mouth on the metal Lips of
Artist: Marilyn Manson / 

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