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Muscle Museum
She had something to confess to, But you don't have the time so, Look the other way. You will wait u
Artist: Muse / 
It's happening soon, it's happening soon, its scent has been blowing in my direction. To me it is ne
Artist: Muse / 
Leave me alone, it's nothing serious. I'll do it myself, it's got nought to do with you And there's
Artist: Muse / 
Controlling my feelings for too long, Controlling my feelings for too long, Controlling my feelings
Artist: Muse / 
You could be my unintended, Choice to live my life extended, You could be the one I'll always love.
Artist: Muse / 
Royal Canadian blended, the spicy aroma had mended me. Matured for years and imported, into my glass
Artist: Muse / 
You would say anything, And you would try anything, To escape your meaningless, And your insignifica
Artist: Muse / 
You needed it when I was away, and no matter what I say, You'll never forget when I wasn't there, so
Artist: Muse / 
Hate This I'll Love You
Oh I am growing tired, Of allowing you to steal, Everything I have, you're making me feel, Like I wa
Artist: Muse / 
New Born
Link it to the worldLink it to yourselfStretch it like a birth squeezeThe love for what you hideThe
Artist: Muse / 

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