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So sick
Mmmm mmm yeahDo do do do do do do-do doOhh YeahGotta change my answering machine Now that I'm aloneC
Artist: Ne-Yo / 
So Sick Ft. Geeze
Ne-Yo featuring GeezeSo Sick[Geeze]If I was aquepied by the time that I was givenMy life wouldn?t b
Artist: Ne-Yo / 
Sexy Love
My sexy love..So sexy..She makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, just one touch, and I e
Artist: Ne-Yo / 
Get down like that
Verse 1:When Im single it dont really matter who it is (no)Or how many I descide to kick it wit (no)
Artist: Ne-Yo / 
let go
I know its past tenseIts been a minute sinceWe were a coupleAnd, walking and holding handsKisses and
Artist: Ne-Yo / 
let me get this right
uh hmm hmmhmmmits so crazyyea[Verse 1]now i dont wanna jump da gun or misunderstand anyonebut i thin
Artist: Ne-Yo / 
sign me up
OhCompound we got one now babyNephew!I See you boyNe-Yo!Let's goWoah woah woah woah woahVerse 1:Girl
Artist: Ne-Yo / 
when you're mad
It`s just the cutest thingWhen you get to fussing (fussing)Yelling and throwing thingsI just wanna e
Artist: Ne-Yo / 
Don't worry me now
Verse 1:I`m in this restaurant bathroomTrying to call uTrying to figure out what kinda lie to tellAt
Artist: Ne-Yo / 
Do You
Maybe this decisionwas a mistakeYou probably don't carewhat I have to sayBut it's been havy on my mi
Artist: Ne-Yo / 

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