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Well, well, wellMaybe I'll want cha 2morrow(The most beautiful girl in the world)On the deep blue se
Artist: Prince / 
Acknowledge Me
Hey! {"The Line" sample}(Down on it) {sampled in song}Say baby, what U waitin' on?4 U, huh, ain't no
Artist: Prince / 
Dream Factory
This is what it's like in the Dream Factory, oh!Hollyrock ain't all it seems (Lordy)Don't get 2 seri
Artist: Prince / 
Hide The Bone
(Hide the bone) {repeat in song}(Ah yeah, ah yeah) {repeat sample in song}Hide the bone(Oh yeah) {re
Artist: Prince / 
Love Sign (Shock G's Silky Remix)
(We don't stop) {repeat sample in song}Love sign {x2}Love, loveCHORUS:If U're sick of evil knocking
Artist: Prince / 
Ripopgodazippa, ripopgodazippaA few flick of da pink plush and dis brother trippaStart down at da ba
Artist: Prince / 
So Dark
So dark, so dark (Dark) {x2}Inside lookin' out my windowI don't see nothin' but rainSun up in the sk
Artist: Prince / 
Tell Me How U Wanna B Done
(Ooh) {x4}Tell me how U want 2 be doneCHORUS:Baby, how U wanna, how U wanna be done?Just say the wor
Artist: Prince / 
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
Could U be The Most Beautiful Girl in the World It's plain 2 see U're the reason that God made a gir
Artist: Prince / 
When doves cry
Dig if u will the picture Of u and I engaged in a kiss The sweat of your body covers me Can u my dar
Artist: Prince / 

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