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Lonely World
Sexy girl on a plane,Why you Cry?What's your name?Who your running form ?Daddy bed, Pink room, Fresh
Artist: Robin Thicke / 
I wanna love you girl
[Pharrell] Ho![Verse - Robin Thicke]She's the kind of girl you wanna marryThe kind of girl you'd wal
Artist: Robin Thicke / 
i wish i could changei wish i could changei wish i could stopsayin the same old thingsi wish i could
Artist: Robin Thicke / 
Can you believe
Nothing can make you highOr put fire in your eyesOr give you a chance to flyWhen you need the wingsW
Artist: Robin Thicke / 
When i get you alone
Baby girl, where you at?Got no strings, got men attachedCan't stop that feelin' for long noMmmmYou m
Artist: Robin Thicke / 
Would that make you love me
If I wasn't who I was If I wasn't me Would you stand next to me in the street If I changed my hair W
Artist: Robin Thicke /