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Nobody's fault
Lord I must be dreamin'What else could this beEverybody's screamin'Runnin' for the seaHoly lands are
Artist: Testament / 
alone in the dark
When i was but verry youngSorcerers came tobclain my mindLeaving death and hatred to unmaskThe maste
Artist: Testament / 
the ritual
Say hello again, my friendsI've got to goThe ritual calls to meScreams twist in harmonyBlinging ligh
Artist: Testament / 
Trial by fire
Accuse you of a crimeSentenced to endless timeThe price you have to payWon't get away!Sworn in by th
Artist: Testament / 
Eyes of wrath
Eyes of wrathThe beast is on your backRazorblade slice your neckSlowly tear you downTakes another li
Artist: Testament / 
Practice what you preach
You think your life's so gradYou don't believe a word you sayYour feet aren't on the groundYou let y
Artist: Testament / 
Souls of black
Can't you seeThat in the world we live inPolitical liesAre just corporate decisionsThey'll take away
Artist: Testament / 
The haunting
Hear the screams,screams of frightShrieks of terror through the nightSouls of old band to holdThe me
Artist: Testament / 
A day of reckoning
First there came a massBrilliant lights of flashAll across the president's skiesAs he sits and laugh
Artist: Testament / 
Apocalyptic city
Born into a world of hatredNothing to live forWhat started with a simple matchTurned into something
Artist: Testament / 

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